Electronic Cigarette Cloud Juice

9th May 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is a specialised battery powered solution for your smoking needs. To assists you in these advanced smoking techniques now there are huge varieties of e-liquids in market and they posses’ different flavours. You can buy any one as per your choice; four major ingredients of these Cloud juice products are PG/ VG base, water, nicotine and food grade flavourings. Base is used to hold nicotine or flavour so that your vaporizer or e-cigarette can produce amazing clouds with smoke like vapours.

There are so many unique flavours in the market with mouth watering taste that are created with quality standards. The special variety of dripper juice is designed using finest collection of ingredients such as nicotine, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The VG and PG levels are commonly found in most of food items; they are considered safer for heart by FDA. Those e-liquids that possess very high range of PG or VG level are usually preferred for sub ohm tanks and dripping; they can also be utilised with vape pens. Here are some details about PG and VG e-liquids:

  • PG is comparatively thinner with very low density; it can be easily and quickly observed by wick materials and will not cause any damage to your heating elements or wicks thus you will have to apply fewer efforts for cleaning.
  • If we take the case of VG liquids they have more density and are thicker; this feature help atomizers to produce thicker clouds but this type of high vg e-liquid leaves bad impression over heating elements or wicks and hence you have to apply more efforts toward cleaning.

Most of people love to use sub ohm juice for their e-cigarettes; it is simply applied to atomizer coils of device that possesses resistance of very less even not up to one ohm. One of the main reason behind their popularity is that they are enough capable to boost overall power output even out of fixed voltage devices such as mechanic mods as well as non variable highly regulated type devices. The cloud juice packages come in variable sizes so that people can buy anyone as per their choice and need.

There are lots of benefits associated with electronic mods:

  • They provide perfect control over voltage as well as wattage.
  • You can easily monitor life of battery.
  • They incorporates LED screen as well as ohms meter.
  • Allows to vape while device is on charging.
  • Electronic items are easy to regulate and monitor so it involves very less or negligible safety risks.

Those who are addicted to electronic cigarettes can try unique taste every time because online dealers provide unlimited collection of flavours. A 30ml cloud juice can provide you enough production of vapours; the most popular flavours are Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Ruby, Sapphire and ginger blast. Expert makes perfect combination of airflow, resistance, watts to create best juice that can deliver superior taste. These cloud juice packages are available at reasonable price on various websites; order your favourite flavour and enjoy best moments with your e-cigarette.

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