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At online slots no deposit, the big thing our Ottawa-based online evaluation team gets asked most is: “What is the best online casino for gamers in Canada?”

As part of our researches, we regularly compile a list of websites dependent on their features – some of them specific to the experience of Canadians – and keep it constantly refreshed. These include items like options for zero cost customer assistance numbers, substantial welcome bonuses, totally free slots spins, speedy payouts and Canada-specific banking arrangements.

Added to that, we also scrutinize offers, jackpots and the range of video games on the best gaming sites to make sure you receive a great time.

To lock in your security and enjoyment, we keep a blacklist of casino sites that fail to comply with our exacting conditions. Casinos that fall short of the tests for confidentiality, software quality, customer-support, finance and reliability will end up on our blacklist. There are even some big names on there too.

For example, here are just some of the nastiest offenders from our ”worst of the worst” which we urge you to avoid.

From Winsor to Vancouver, everyone knows Canada is the best place to be. But it’s also among the best places to be if you’re a gaming fan, and not just because of the great range of quality online casinos – each with its own unrivalled range of apps catering to its citizens.

A lot of these, such as slots, internet poker and blackjack have even produced their own following along with communities of Canadian focussed devotees that like to play and discuss the game online.

It should be no surprise that Canadians also love betting on sports, especially the NHL, and anything hockey related such as Worldwide tournaments, and the CFL.

Another popular target foronline-gamers is playing state-run online lottery games!

What’s you own experience of internet-gambling websites? We’re keen to get your opinion so we can fine tune our selection criteria. For further information just click the link above.

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